# Why InvestoNepal.com?

If you are the person seeking for maximum profit by taking minimum risk then InvestoNepal.com is the right place for you. InvestoNepal.com was started with the intention to educate and inform to the investors, students, researcher, reporter etc about the financial market and help them to maximize their profit and knowledge by minimizing risk of loss by providing right information, analytical data and intelligent application – we safeguard your assets!

# What is InvestoNepal.com and what do I get here?

InvestoNepal.com is Nepal's First Financial Market Analytical 'Online based Assets Management' application that makes rational investments possible. InvestoNepal.com is the single place where you have precise fundamental information, data intelligent, advance technical charts, calculators and smart assets management trackers - all of which are actionable stuff, to enable you make sensible investing decision on stocks, bullion, currency and other valuable assets.

# How is InvestoNepal.com different from other stock market websites?

The key differentiator at InvestoNepal.com is that we make it unbelievably easy for the user to find and analyze stocks, bullion, currency and other valuable assets. The investor feels confident of investment on his own with a format which is simple, uncluttered and easy to understand. InvestoNepal.com helps the investor invest in Financial Market - we safeguard your assets!